Find out more about the Global Compact on Refugees

Find out more about the Global Compact on Refugees


This platform brings together a growing community of Member States, refugees, NGOs, UN organisations, businesses, faith groups, academics, charities and community groups, all of whom are working together to find practical, long-term solutions that will allow refugees, internally displaced people, stateless people, and their generous host communities, to thrive. 

The aim of the platform
This is a community platform. It is for all actors who are creating, supporting, or running projects which aim to give refugees and their host communities more support, find long-term solutions,and offer opportunities for refugees to grow and lead economically independent lives. Here, you are encouraged to share your Good Practices. These are projects and initiatives that are in line with the goals of the Global Compact on Refugees, and have concrete learnings that can inspire others to support refugees and help inform new projects.

Why share Good Practices?
This site was called for by Member States of the United Nations in the Global Compact on Refugees (more information below). This platform,has been specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for partners and practitioners to share their Good Practice in as much detail as would allow  others to replicate them in another location or thematic area. But it is also a growing repository of learnings that can be browsed, consulted, and most importantly, can inspire new Good Practices and collaborations. 

If you have a Good Practice to submit, please download our template and return it to [email protected]

This site also offers insights into how different countries and regions are working to achieve the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees. 

You will also find a section on the pledges and contributions that were made at the first Global Refugee Forum in December 2019, including a system to track the implementation of these contributions. 
The site features some resources to guide actors and practitioners in their implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees. Much like the Good Practice section, this library is a growing collection, and it welcomes new ideas and contributions that help others to meet the objectives of the Compact. You can share your suggestions with the Global Refugee Forum team at [email protected]

How to get involved
The site invites Good Practice contributions from all actors, but it also welcomes individuals who are wishing to explore the growing library of projects to discover the ideas, technologies and approaches that are being employed across the world to improve the lives of refugees.

To start your search, visit the Good Practices site and use the search filters to find projects in areas and places that interest you.

What is the Global Compact on Refugees?
The Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) is a framework for more predictable and equitable responsibility-sharing, recognizing that sustainable solutions to refugee situations cannot be achieved without international cooperation. It provides a blueprint for governments, private sector actors, international organizations, refugees, experts and other stakeholders to ensure that host communities get the support they need and that refugees can lead productive lives.

The Global Compact on Refugees was adopted by UN Member States in December 2019. Find out more on the Global Compact on Refugees at