Global Compact on Refugees Indicator Report

Global Compact on Refugees Indicator Report

A woman braids the hair of another woman while a third woman watches on

Elodie Guei Sahe is a dynamic mother of three and full of life. The 36-year-old returned home to Bably-Vaya in the west of Côte d’Ivoire in 2020. In collaboration with four other women returnees, she opened her hair salon called “Seatizi”, which means “the time of suffering is over” in the local language.

Success under the global compact will be assessed in terms of progress towards the achievement of its four objectives (para 7). Indicators in this regard will be developed for each objective ahead of the first Global Refugee Forum in 2019.

– Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) paragraph 102. 

The GCR provides a process for reporting, to identify progress made as well as challenges and areas in need of further support. To do so, the first Indicator Framework was launched in 2019 and was further refined in 2022.

This allowed for the first Indicator Report to be released in 2021, with the second published in November 2023. Since the adoption of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), the two GCR Indicator Reports highlighted evidence of sustained progress across the four GCR objectives, such as assisting lower income refugee-hosting countries and increasing refugees’ access to education, economic inclusion, resettlement, and complementary pathways. However, while burden- and responsibility-sharing for hosting refugees slightly improved since 2016, it remained highly inequitable. Accelerated action and scaled-up efforts are needed across all four objectives, with a broader support base.

Indicator frameworks

Indicator Framework 2022

This second edition of the Global Compact on Refugees Indicator Framework caps a process of technical refinement led by UNHCR, following the release of the first GCR indicator report and its consideration at the High-Level Officials Meeting in December 2021.

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Indicator Framework 2019

The GCR indicator framework, first published in July 2019, is the backbone of the biennial GCR indicator report supporting assessment of progress towards the objectives of the Global Compact and its cross-cutting ambition to operationalize the principle of burden- and responsibility-sharing.

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Indicator Reports

Indicator Report 2023

This second edition continues the review of progress made since 2016 towards the core principle of predictable and equitable burden- and responsibility-sharing to improve the situation of refugees and host communities.

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Indicator Report 2021

The first edition of the Indicator Report was published in November 2021, shortly before the High-Level Officials Meeting (HLOM), and reflected on the progress made in the five years since the adoption of the New York Declaration in 2016, helping to steer the discussions which led to the 20 key recommendations from the HLOM.

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