Age, Gender, and Diversity Inclusive Pledges

The Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) makes a direct reference to an Age, Gender and Diversity approach to reach its four objectives:

“The programme of action is underpinned by a strong partnership and participatory approach, involving refugees and host communities, as well as age, gender, and diversity considerations, including promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls; ending all forms of sexual and gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation and abuse, and harmful practices; facilitating the meaningful participation of youth, persons with disabilities and older persons; ensuring the best interests of the child; and combating discrimination.”.

An age, gender, disability, and diversity approach is essential to ensure protection and non-discrimination in all refugee responses.

Video: Age, Gender, and Diversity (AGD) and Intersectionality

To learn more about intersectionality, age, gender and diversity, watch the below training video developed by UNHCR and UNSW to inform those working with displaced and stateless people. 

Video: An overview of intersectionality, age, gender and diversity [produced by UNHCR and UNSW]

To find out more about why this is important when it comes to making pledges and sharing good practices, visit the AGD microsite and see below. 

Screenshot of some of the participants - six people, including a sign language interpreter are on the screen

Video: Making Inclusion a Reality in GRF Pledges: A Dialogue on Age, Gender, and Diversity