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A digital platform developed by UNHCR and accessible to all will enable the sharing of good practices, notably from an age, gender, disability, and diversity perspective, in the application of the different elements of the global compact. - Paragraph 106, Global Compact on Refugees, United Nations, New York, 2018

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1. Prepare your good practice submission. Guidance on what is considered a good practice is available here.

2. Share the learnings and experiences from your policies, projects, and initiatives in support of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) by submitting the online form. Upon verification, your submission will be featured as a Good Practice on the Digital Platform for the GCR.

3. Connect with others whose projects, big and small, are changing the lives of refugees and their hosts for the better by exploring the growing collection of Good Practices.


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Support with submitting a good practice

If you have questions or comments about submitting a good practice, or need support, for example due to accessibility issues with the form or an unstable internet connection, please contact [email protected]