Multistakeholder Pledge: MIRPS - Strengthening Asylum Systems

Key outcome

Commitments that form part of this multi-stakeholder pledge will contribute to strengthening the fairness, efficiency, adaptability, sustainability, and integrity of national asylum systems in the States that from part of the Comprehensive Regional Protection and Solutions Framework (MIRPS).  These outcomes will be achieved through commitments made by MIRPS States, and by MIRPS Support Platform Members and other stakeholders who may provide financial, technical, or material support to improve asylum system capacity and development.


The MIRPS is a concrete application of the Global Compact on Refugees in the Americas, which encourages regional cooperation among countries of origin, transit, and destination for greater responsibility sharing in matters of prevention, protection and durable solutions. MIRPS States include Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. 

The MIRPS Support Platform was launched in December 2019 on the occasion of the first Global Refugee Forum. It supports the efforts of the MIRPS countries in offering protection and solutions to forced displacement in Central America and Mexico, and serves as a mechanism for greater responsibility sharing, as called for in the Global Compact on Refugees. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Organization of American States (OAS) jointly form the Secretariat for the MIRPS and the MIRPS Support Platform.

The MIRPS Working Group on Strengthening Asylum Systems is led by Mexico, with the participation of all MIRPS States. The Working Group provides a platform for cooperation on the implementation of national commitments to strengthen national reception and admission systems (including case management and eligibility procedures) to safeguard fairness, efficiency, adaptability, and integrity.

Pledge description

In support of the Multistakeholder Pledge on Asylum Capacity Strengthening and in the framework of the MIRPS Working Group on Strengthening Asylum Systems, MIRPS States commit to continue strengthening national institutions responsible for refugee status determination processes by improving technical capacities and developing national asylum procedures, systems and practices that enhance efficiency, fairness and quality, in accordance with the capacity and needs of each country and with the support and assistance of members of the MIRPS Support Platform, UNHCR, OAS, and other partnerships.


Developed within the MIRPS Working Group on Strengthening Asylum Systems, led by the Government of Mexico, and the Government of Panama as the 2023 MIRPS Pro-tempore Presidency.

Contact details

MIRPS Technical Secretariat, [email protected]

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