Multistakeholder Pledge: Refugee Participation

Key outcome

Refugees and host communities are supported to meaningfully participate in decisions that affect their lives through:

  1. Meaningful refugee participation at the local, national and international levels, at all stages of policymaking that concern them;
  2. Enhanced accountability to affected populations; and
  3. Ensured sustainable resourcing.


The Refugee Participation Pledge was originally launched in 2019, in the lead-up to the first Global Refugee Forum, to galvanize cooperation and support for meaningful refugee participation in policymaking processes. The text of the Pledge was developed through a multi-stakeholder process and agreed by the Global Refugee-Led Network (GRN), UNHCR, the Government of Canada, Government of the Netherlands, Oxfam International, and Independent Diplomat.

Pledge description

The text of the pledge reads:

'In accordance with the commitments established under goal 6 of the Grand Bargain to support a "Participation Revolution"; we pledge to support the meaningful participation of refugees and host communities in decisions that affect their lives. Participation should take into account the diversity within communities, including age, gender, and disability. This pledge will support the agency of those we seek to assist while improving the relevance, quality, transparency, and accountability of that assistance. We furthermore commit to share experiences on the implementation of this pledge at subsequent Global Refugee Forums and/or high-level officials’ meetings.'


  • Global Refugee-Led Network
  • Oxfam International
  • Independent Diplomat

Pledge signatories

See full list of signatories to the Refugee Participation pledge.

Contact details

[email protected]


  • January-November 2023 – Regular meetings of signatories to the pledge
  • December 2023 – Launch of the Multi-stakeholder Coalition on Meaningful Refugee Participation

Contributions towards this multi-stakeholder pledge