Multistakeholder Pledge: Asylum Capacity - Asylum Capacity Support Group (ACSG)

Key outcomes

Commitments which form part of this multi-stakeholder pledge will contribute towards strengthening the fairness, efficiency, adaptability, and integrity of national asylum systems.

The ACSG seeks to maximize the impact of pledging commitments to improve asylum systems by encouraging joint or multi-stakeholder pledges focusing on four key areas:

  • Strong institutional capacities: pledges are encouraged to strengthen or support strengthening institutional capacities of asylum systems, back-office and support processes as well as enhancing the strategic planning capacities of asylum institutions and commitments to enhancing financing of asylum systems which facilitate the effectiveness of the asylum institution.
  • Legislative and regulatory frameworks that facilitate asylum processing: States are encouraged to consider pledges to adopt or amend laws on asylum, as well as support such processes, in order to improve fairness, efficiency, adaptability or integrity of asylum in line with international and regional standards and norms.
  • Procedures, systems and practices that enhance efficiency and quality: pledges are encouraged to develop and review procedures, systems and practices to address delays and systemic issues in asylum systems. In addition, pledges are encouraged to make quality improvements by addressing case or data management systems and support to age, gender and diversity sensitive asylum procedures.
  • Quality and efficiency through diverse expertise, innovation, and research: This pledging area is focused on harnessing diverse expertise of organizations and institutions active in asylum capacity support such as civil society organizations, law firms, bar associations, ombudspersons, national human rights institutions, private sector organizations, refugee led organizations and academia to enhance the functioning of asylum systems.


The Asylum Capacity Support Group (ACSG) is a special initiative under the Global Compact on Refugees to strengthen the capacity of national asylum systems. The ACSG provides a framework to match policy pledges by States to improve their asylum systems with offers of support for expertise and resources from States or other stakeholders. Pledges involving partnerships with a variety of stakeholders at national, regional and global level adopting a whole of society approach are encouraged.


  • States involved in the ACSG dialogue platform’s workstream focussed on the GRF preparation.

Supported by UNHCR.

Contact details

ACSG Secretariat: [email protected]


  • Meetings in June & September 2023

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