Multistakeholder pledges for the Global Refugee Forum 2023

A number of multistakeholder pledges are under development. All of these pledges are working towards securing one or more of the eight key outcomes for the GRF, which will guide future engagement in comprehensive responses.

This page is updated regularly, so please come back to find more information on new pledges and the work being done on those already announced.


Enabling measures

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Refugee situations

About multi-stakeholder pledges
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What are pledges?

Pledges and contributions are commitments by States and other stakeholders including organizations, development actors, cities, parliamentarians, businesses, academics, and refugees themselves, that advance the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees to achieve tangible benefits for refugees and host communities.

What is different for 2023

For the Global Refugee Forum 2023, stakeholders are encouraged to make high-quality pledges that are:

  • Aligned with the key recommendations that emerged from the High-Level Officials Meeting in December 2021
  • Additional, quantifiable, and needs-driven
  • Jointly developed, in a whole-of-society spirit
  • Pre-matched to support inclusive policies
  • Developed in consultation with refugees and consider age, gender, and diversity
How do multi-stakeholder pledges work?

Multistakeholder pledges are joint pledges with a large-scale reach, working towards an ambitious common goal. They aim to be transformational, putting in place long-term arrangements that advance burden and responsibility sharing, drawing from a clearly defined resource base, donorship, or financial instrument linked to implementation.