Education in 2020: where we stand now


Education in 2020: where we stand now

07 April 2021
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“Teaching has become a bit hectic during the pandemic because we have to rotate classes seven times, teaching the same thing.”

Ugandan geography teacher, Okori Alex, 28, talks to his student, Achayo Alice, at Imvepi secondary school.

Two recent reports, produced by the Global Refugee Forum (GRF) Education Co-sponsorship Alliance and Save the Children, provide education stakeholders and partners with valuable updates on progress made towards education pledges in 2020, as well as the challenges posed by an unprecedented year of disruption, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

The GRF Education Co-sponsorship Alliance Brief presents updates from over 80 members, outlining their progress towards fulfilling education pledges made at the first GRF - at the global, regional, and national level. Encouraging continued accountability of pledgers, through tracking and spotlighting progress, the brief showcases the work done to move pledges forward, in the face of the many challenges posed by COVID-19.  

Save the Children’s "Progress Under Threat" report provides an in depth analysis of the impact and implications of COVID-19 for education in 2020, including a call to action, encouraging pledgers to make new financial pledges, implement pledges already made, and continue to track progress.

The two reports highlight the importance of not only maintaining but building the momentum of cooperation and joint action for refugee education that was started at the GRF in 2019, in order to implement, track, and build upon pledges made and ensure that refugee children do not get left behind in the wake of COVID-19.