Central African Republic Solutions Support Platform (CAR-SSP)

Central African Republic Solutions Support Platform (CAR-SSP)

Group of nine people standing on steps with roll up banner behind them for launch of support platform

The Central African Republic Solutions Support Platform (CAR-SSP) was launched in November 2023 to provide action-driven support to the CAR-SSP and create efficient and effective synergies with governments signatory of the Yaounde Declaration of April 2022.

Co-chaired by the African Development Bank and UNHCR, the Core Group solicits humanitarian, development, peace and private sector actors to contribute to the sustainable and peace-transformative solutions for forcibly displaced Central Africans, including refugees, internally displaced people and returnees.

Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, the Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan have, with the support of development actors, reaffirmed their commitment to work collaboratively to address and overcome the multifaceted challenges faced by forcibly displaced Central Africans. The African Development Bank, the United States, Switzerland, the European Union, France, Coalition Amohoro, and the World Bank have shown their support for the Platform, mobilizing the strategic will and international resources to ensure its success. Other international partners are in the process of joining this support group.

The launch of the platform marks the beginning of a new era of sub-regional and international cooperation, based on the principles of partnership, mutual support and innovation for the well-being of displaced Central Africans.