BRiCE (Building Resilience in Crises through Education) in Uganda

Contact details 

Submitted by: Adiama Joseph - Program Manager- Forum for African Women Educationalists - Uganda Chapter (FAWEU) 


Oxfam Uganda:


Introduction to the project


Uganda - Lamwo Refugee Settlement


February 2018 - February 2021


This Good Practice aims at improving and strengthening the non-formal and formal education system by targeting teachers and educators in Lamwo Refugee Settlement but also in the host communities.

Through BRiCE (Building Resilience in Crisis through Education), the consortium is helping improve access access to quality basic education in pre-school, primary and lower secondary levels for children in fragile and crisis-affected environments.

Projects will work directly with education authorities, learners, teachers, parents, communities and strengthen education systems. Teacher professional development is a crucial component across these projects and all actions prioritize safety and wellbeing of children.

Resilience is built in part by targeting both refugee and host communities in all planned interventions in a 70/30 ratio. Primary schools in host communities in particular have been assisted with the growing number of refugee children attending.

The project is also contributing to supporting the conditions in the country f origin as it is also being implemented in South Sudan.

Resources used 


  • Engagement of consultants in building the capacity of local structures. 
  • Engagement of technical staff attached to the action. 
  • IEC materials such as posters, T-shirts developed to aid in awareness-raising. 
  • Music instrument such as drums procured and provided to schools to promote music, dance and drama as one of the ways for peaceful co-existence.


It is a consortium project led by Oxfam.

The project has other partners including:


  • AVSI
  • Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU)
  • Luigi Giussani Institute of Higher Education (LGIHE)
  • Education International
  • University of Colombia
  • AWE Uganda
  • Office of the Prime Minister (OPM)-Department for Refugees
  • UNHCR  

Challenges and how they were overcome

One challenge was the continued influx that placed pressure on the existing resources and yet the project was planned for a few targets. 

This challenge was overcome by strengthening coordination and networking with partners so as to ease referrals.  

Results of the Good Practice 

  • Increased safety among both refugee and host community children as a result of increased involvement of both refugee and host communities in protecting children's rights. 
  • Regained hope through increased access to education and retention in school.
  • Peaceful co-existence between the refugee and host communities.