Croydon in solidarity with refugees

The project in brief

Implemented by

Croydon Refugee and New Communities forum


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


2019 - Ongoing


Croydon Refugee and New Communities Forum in South London established in 2019 by local activities to support refugee's positive and meaningful integration in this part of London integration.

Project aims 

To support positive refugee integration and to raise awareness about forced migration issues.

Resources used 

This Forum started and supported by Croydon Voluntary Action which is an umbrella organisation for voluntary organisations in Croydon, South London.


  • Local church
  • Sport clubs
  • Virtual school

Challenges and how they were overcome


Among the challenges access to resources to communicate with most refugee groups, and direct access to local council.

How they were overcome

Starting a quality website would be a good start.

Results of the Good Practice 

Some regular communication and contacts with members of host community which helps to correct perceptions about refugees.

Next steps 

Developing an existing link with the Mayor of London is a very strategic step, and maintaining communications and contacts within refugee organisations as well as other organisations from the community. We believe integration starts from day one of arrival and it's a process, not a project. 



Submitted by: 

Ayar Ata, Co-Chair, Croydon Voluntary Action