A Food Program for Refugee Children in Uganda

Food Security & Nutrition

A Food Program for Refugee Children in Uganda

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Submitted by: Peter (B. J.) Chung / Daeseon Ko


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Website: https://www.abetterworld.or.kr/

Introduction to the project 


Uganda / Obongi District


2 years (Sept. 2018 – Dec. 2019) / to be continued for 2 more years


From September 2018, Better World started a feeding program for the school children of a South Sudanese refugee camp in Budri Village, Palorinya Settlement, Obongi District (formerly Moyo District) in Northern Uganda.

Better World has been providing 2 meals a day during the week days including the vacation periods, porridge for breakfast and posho (maize flour cake) with bean sauce for lunch, to 2,500 primary and nursery children. Many children were malnourished and catching mice and bats to eat. This created numerous difficulties when trying to learn and stay in school.

Originally, the classroom was outside underneath a tree, now the have a building built by A Better World with running water.

We can tell that these two elements or food and a proper building has had a remarkable effect on the attendance rate and nutritional improvement of the children.  

Main activities of the Good Practice  

  • Providing maize flour porridge for the breakfast, and maize flour cake and bean sauce for lunch.
  • Use environment-friendly fuel (= briquettes) for cooking.
  • Encourage children to wash their hands, and make lines for his/her food.
  • Hygiene training for the cooks for a cleaner environment and hygienic cooking.


  • OPM (Office of the Prime Minister / Uganda)
  • WIU

Challenges and how they were overcome 

  • Too many children and not enough food
  • Fluctuating food price
  • Strong wind and heavy rain

Results of the Good Practice

  • School attendance rate has risen
  • Teachers notices a higher concentration rate on classes
  • Children are healthier