Improved access to protection assistance to Refugee Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons

Refugees, host communities & diaspora

Improved access to protection assistance to Refugee Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons

The project in brief

Implemented by

Mission to alleviate suffering in South Sudan (MASS)


South Sudan, Central Equatoria State ,Yei River County Lasu Payam Refugee settlement.


1 January - 31 December 2021


Despite the myriad of challenges encountered by the persons of concerns, mainly surrounding insecurity, planned activities were generally implemented as scheduled, with the main aim being further strengthening protection related services to refugees in Lasu refugee settlement and related locations. Key sectors of focus included SGBV, child protection, PSNs support, Education, health, community services, livelihoods and WASH.

Project aims 

Project objectives: MASS in partnership with UNHCR, and working in collaboration with CRA, refugees and other groups will implement a multi sectoral community driven program approach that will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Minimize SGBV risks through improved access to protection services for an estimated 10,799 refugees and host community members residing in Lasu and Yei areas
  2. Work towards achieving sustainable peaceful co-existence between refugee and other groups through community sensitization and education and by jointly with target groups identifying social conflict triggers and coming up with sustainable community driven solutions.
  3. Contribute towards sustainable household livelihood and self-reliance for at least 550 vulnerable refugees through distribution of farm inputs distributions, skills enhancement and establishment of sustainable context feasible livelihood ventures.
  4. Contribute towards Strengthened community-based protection networks, increased protection awareness reaching out to 10,799 refugees and other groups, improved protection pathways, access to timely legal and psychosocial support for children at risk and SGBV survivors.
  5. Improved overall management and coordination of activities within Lasu refugee camp to improve service delivery efficiency and proper utilization of resources by eliminating activities duplication and double targeting of beneficiaries.

Expected Impact: Through the proposed project activities, MASS anticipates achieving reduced vulnerability through sustainable food security and self-sustenance by HHs, reduced SGBV and child protection risks, efficiency in camp management and service delivery, inclusive involvement in creation care and protection and reduced group conflicts at community level.

Resources used 

MASS has provided office space for the UNHCR refugee project team based in Yei. To ensure the safety of project staff and assets, MASS has a contractual agreement with a reputable security firm. The Yei refugee project headed by an experienced Project Manager and supported by sector heads will be directly involved in the day-to-day implementation of the project. To ensure quality and timely deliverables, the MASS Juba team will provide technical backstopping to the refugee project team. As part of MASS contribution to the project, the organization has received funds from UMCOR International for provision of 2,500 school kits for refugee children, 1,500 re-usable sanitary pads for teenage girls and 1,000 eco-friendly bags.

Main activities of the Good Practice

  1. Participation of community in SGBV prevention and response enabled and sustained.
  2. Community based child protection structures established and functioning.
  3. Support to Person of concerns with specific needs provided.
  4. Community self-management supported.
  5. Facilitate 4 mini awareness sessions on peaceful co-existence, facilitate quarterly dialogue forums on peaceful co-existence, facilitate monthly peaceful coexistence meetings.
  6. Access to agricultural / livestock/fisheries production enabled.
  7. Trainings on marketing, post harvest and good agronomic practices for CBAEWs and PoC, procurement and distribution of assorted tools and seeds to refugee agricultural beneficiaries.


MASS has entered into an agreement with UNFAO to distribute farm inputs to refugees and host community beneficiaries in Lasu, Yei and Morobo during the year 2021 also MASS is collaborating with UNMISS in some protection activities including the government counterpart.

Challenges and how they were overcome


The main potential risks analysed in the PD as pertains implementation of the planned activities involved security related issues and access problem and inadequate funding.

How they were overcome

Despite the situation being much better as compared to the previous year, insecurity remained a major risk during the implementation period, even as stakeholders closely worked with the government bodies, especially the security departments in dealing with the challenge. The project also worked closely with UN OCHA, who in a number of occasions played a pivotal role in advocating with the government on behalf of humanitarian agencies in Yei. MASS also continuously collected information regarding situation on ground through refugee leaders, volunteers and incentive staff from the different sectors. The said persons among other community structures were also critical in facilitating implementation of some of the activities, especially occasionally when Lasu refugee settlement wasn’t accessible. Some of the trips in the area involved going in the company of the forced protection (UNIMISS), who effectively offered the needed security. 37 (21M, 16F) MASS staff were trained on PSEA with special focus on not only its prevention, but reporting too. During the training, awareness was also conducted on fraud prevention and its reporting through the established channels.

Results of the Good Practice 

Agriculture plays a key role on the economy of South-Sudan, particularly the green belt region before the 2013 and 2016 crisis, hence, we need to invest in agriculture for the purposes of:

  • Creation of employment to the citizens of South-Sudan, who will work as Laborers, tractor operators, sales persons/Middlemen and etc.
  • Increased revenue through payment of personal income tax/pay as you earn taxes to the Government of South-Sudan, which will in-turn improve the health facilities
  • Increased exportation of South-Sudan raw-materials to the international Markets, which will result in to increased industrialization in South-Sudan
  • Improved standard of living and infrastructures such as Housing, Education, roads and bridges that will reduce malnutrition in South-Sudan.

How the project meets the GCR Objectives

Objective 1: Ease the pressures on host countries

In addressing the question of project sustainability, significant number of planned activities utilized community based structures, while promoting community participation and ownership of planned activities. Some of the key structures included wash committees, health committees, PSNS committees, peaceful co-existence committee, SGBV committees, cultural groups, child protection committees, youth groups for games and supports and women groups

Over the years, planning and implementation of refugee projects has been done while closely working with the government, mainly through CRA. In this approach, it is expected that the government will continue strengthening its chief mandate of offering protection and safety to refugees.

Objective 2: Enhance refugee self-reliance

Moreover, one of the activities’ objective was to build refugees resilience and ability to cope through their own mechanisms, and it is expected that they will enhance their ability to become self-reliant. In achieving this, key activities utilized involved IGA trainings, vocational skills trainings and livelihood support through agricultural tools and seeds.

Next steps 

The project will continue but there is a need for more funding for protection activities, livelihoods and livestock, and vocational training infrastructures.



Submitted by:  

Monday MOI, Field Coordinator, Mission to alleviate suffering in South Sudan (MASS) South Sudan, Yei

[email protected]