Job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities for Syrians and host communities

Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET)

Job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities for Syrians and host communities

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Submitted by: İsmail Özdoğan, Head of Department of International Relations and European Union, Vocational Qualifications Authority

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Introduction to the project




2 years


Turkey is hosting the highest number of refugees in the world. More than 3.6 million Syrians are under temporary protection in Turkey. Approximately 2 million Syrians are at a working age and are informally working in the agricultural, construction, manufacture and textile sectors. This project is financed by the European Union Trust Fund. Some activities are conducted with the cooperation of ILO and IOM. Vocational Qualification Authority (VQA) functions as a stakeholder in order to contribute to the testing and certification processes. Objectives of the project are as follows: 

- To facilitate the integration of Syrian and Turkish citizens into the labour market. Support them to develop, strengthen and upgrade their skills and competences. 

- To create a favorable environment for developing businesses and economic growth to simulate entrepreneurship opportunities and job creation in determined sectors and regions. 

- To support the institutions governing the labour market and mechanisms in the implementation of inclusive development strategies. 

Main activities of the Good Practice

- Activities to increase the number of qualified, competent and productive labour force such as vocational and technical training, training on labour market skills, apprenticeship training, certification of vocational qualifications, entrepreneurship training.

- Activities to support business development and economic growth such as local economic development analysis, business development support, training and incentives for the SMEs. 

- Activities to support labour market governance such as thematic workshops and training, labour inspectors and social security institutions auditors training, consultants for public institutions, awareness raising campaigns. 

Activities related to VQA are: 

- Supporting a project implementer to cooperate with certification bodies in terms of the agreement to be singed. 

- Informing a project implementer about the scope of the authorization of the certification body. 

- Participating in steering committee meetings in order to give opinions and contributions. 


  • International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • International Organization for Migrants 
  • Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services 

Challenges and how they were overcome 

Within the scope of the project, the challenges faced by the VQA include testing and certification processes. In the latter, the most common challenge is the insufficiency of the authorized certification bodies for the certification of Syrians. 

In this aspect, VQA continues its activities regarding strengthening authorized certification bodies. 

Results of the Good Practice 

Expected results are: 

- Increase in employability and access to the labor market for Syrian and Turkish citizens.

- Increase in adaptation to a newsocial and economical life.

- Creation of decent work opportunities for Syrians under temporary protection and Turkish citizens. 

- Identifying potential for local economic development and employment opportunities. 

- Improvement of the capacity of governmental institutions and social partners to implement national policies. 

- Raise of awareness on fundamental rights and principles in the workplace.