Refugee Workforce Housing

Attainable Housing For Refugees in the U.S.
Good Practices

Refugee Workforce Housing

Attainable Housing For Refugees in the U.S.
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The project in brief

The project was implemented by Launch Capital Partners in the United States of America. It started in February 2024 and is due to end in February 2034.

Launch Capital Partners is a mission-driven real estate firm that provides attainable housing to refugees in the U.S. Working directly with resettlement agencies, Launch's goal is to house 50,000 refugees over the next 10 years. 

Main activities of the Good Practice

Launch Capital Partners works with mission-driven and social impact investors to bring catalytic capital to real estate deals. With the help of these financial partners, Launch purchases apartment units in key markets around the US. Launch then partners with resettlement agencies to assist their housing team in placing refugee families in Launch apartment homes. Once the refugee families are placed in Launch apartments, Launch uses high-touch property management to help the refugee families understand how to live in Launch apartments. Additionally, Launch works with community partners to bring wrap around services to the refugee families living in its apartments. 

Elements which helped facilitate the implementation of the good practice

Mission-driven and social impact investors facilitated the implementation of this practice.

Partners involved

Resettlement Agencies in the U.S. 

What challenges were encountered in delivering the project and how were they overcome?


Challenges included lack of English ability with newly arriving refugees, lack of understanding on how western housing works - lease structures, rent payment, upkeep of apartments, and difficulty finding employment. 

How they were overcome

Launch implemented by monthly unit inspections to ensure that maintenance issues were being taken care of even if the resident couldn't communicate the issue in English. Additional Launch has staff who can speak mulitiple languages that can help translate as issues or opportunities arrise.

Results of the Good Practice

Launch has been able to provide houisng to more than 3,000 residents from 40 countries. 

In what way does the good practice meet one or more of the four objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees?

Objective 1: Ease the pressures on host countries

The United States recieves over 100,000 refugees each year. These refugees are sent to specific cities within the U.S. which often struggle to find refugees safe, affordable, and quality housing. Launch eases that pressure by being a proactive partner with resettlment agencies and providing attainable housing to thousands of refugees. 

Are there areas in which support would be required to continue and/or scale up your good practice?

Additional access to capital would allow the project to scale much quicker. 

Submitted by

Nick Gratto, Vice President of Impact, Launch Capital Partners