Social cohesion for every child

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Social cohesion for every child


Children of different ages, origins and genders attending an activity

Providing social cohesion activities for Turkish and Syrian children.

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Introduction to the project 




July 2017-May 2018

Renewed July 2018-August 2021


The initiative provides various social cohesion activities to both Turkish and Syrian children.

To alleviate pressure on host countries, there is a need for international support and solidarity. Social services are of great importance in the process of mutual adaptation with the host community. They are important to increase self-confidence and self-reliance of refugees and assist in the process of solving everyday problems. Social cohesion activities are carried out frequently in order to unite Turkish and Syrian nationals.

Project aims

The “Social Cohesion for Every Child” project, initiated by the Kilis Municipality's Association for Combating Unemployment and Poverty, and UNICEF, aims to raise funds for activities related to children's health, education, protection and children's rights.

The focus is on the basic needs of children, providing equal opportunities for girls, supporting the continuation of education, preventing child marriage and child labour, as well as providing education and equality of children with disabilities.

Resources used

Funding and support were provided by UNICEF. Psycho-social and educational techniques were used.


  • UN International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
  • Association of Combating Poverty and Unemployment in Kilis (ACPU)

How challenges were overcome 

At first, trust issues were encountered. The children were introverted, mostly due to the language barrier. Socialization was also difficult due to perceived gender differences between boys and girls.

After attending the Municipality’s Vocational Education Centre, families observed a positive increase in their child’s well-being. Positive feedback was received.

With the help of Turkish language teachers and psychological counsellors, children gradually overcame the language barrier and have since actively participated in the Education Centre’s activities.

By organizing social cohesion activities, better cohesion between boys and girls was achieved.

The hope is that this initiative will inspire other national and international organizations.

Results of the Good Practice

  • Syrian and Turkish citizens have equal rights and opportunities in the province of Kilis. The harmonization process is successfully continuing through these social projects.
  • 19,000 children, both Syrian and Turkish, have been reached and provided with equal education rights.