SSI Allianz Scholarship Program

Facilitating Education Access for Refugees
Good Practices

SSI Allianz Scholarship Program

Facilitating Education Access for Refugees

"I would like to say thank you so much to all the SSI members and Allianz. Everything is really good and I’m so happy to have this opportunity. Thank you so much."

The project in brief

The project is implemented by Settlement Services International (SSI) and Allianz in Australia. It began in 2016 and is currently ongoing.

The SSI Allianz Scholarship Program offers financial support to refugees in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, Australia, enabling access to education and skill recognition.

To minimise financial barriers for refugees accessing education and skill recognition, promoting stability and potential fulfillment.

Main activities of the Good Practice

Providing scholarships of up to $5000 for education and skill recognition, supporting secondary, tertiary, and vocational training. Employee involvement and fundraising through Allianz as a partner.

Elements which have facilitated the implementation of the good practice include financial support from Allianz and donors and collaboration with Settlement Services International (SSI).

Partners involved

Allianz and Allianz employees engaged in fundraising and volunteering for SSI programs.

What challenges were encountered in delivering the project and how were they overcome?


The program was initially limited to one state in Australia and there were challenges in enabling access to education opportunities for refugees in other locations.

How they were overcome

The project has expanded to three states through the partnership with Allianz.

Results of the Good Practice

  • 280 refugee education scholarships totalling more than $500,000 have been awarded since 2016, promoting educational access and enabling recognition of skills and qualifications among refugees and asylum seekers.
  • The scholarships have unlocked doors to secondary, tertiary and vocational training.
  • The scholarships have been instrumental in acknowledging and validating the skills and qualifications of refugees and asylum seekers, empowering them to contribute effectively to their communities.
  • 91% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the Scholarship reduced financial barriers to accessing education.
  • 83% strongly agreed that the Scholarship gave the recipients the confidence to continue with their studies or career.

In what way does the good practice meet one or more of the four objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees?

Objective 2: Enhance refugee self-reliance

The program's core focus on supporting education and skill recognition plays a pivotal role in empowering refugees. Education is a powerful tool that fosters self-reliance by equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications necessary to thrive independently. By investing in the education of refugees, the program actively enables individuals to build their capacities and enhance their livelihoods.

Next steps

Continuation and potential expansion of the scholarship program, ongoing employee engagement and fundraising.

Are there areas in which support would be required to continue and/or scale up your good practice?

The SSI - Allianz partnership is a clear example of how collaboration with the private sector can significantly contribute to the core thematic areas outlined in the Global Compact on Refugees, particularly in Jobs & Livelihoods, Education, and Solutions. This good practice can be scaled up with further partnerships and replicated in other contexts.

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