Multistakeholder Pledge: Community Sponsorship

Key outcomes

Commitments which form part of this multi-stakeholder pledge will contribute towards an increase in the number, scale and diversity of community sponsorship programs globally in order to grow third country solutions for refugees, enhance the integration prospects of refugees and strengthen community narratives by allowing communities to welcome new neighbours. This may be achieved through:

  • Law & policy. Enacting laws, policies, and frameworks that allow national and local authorities and communities to create and implement new community sponsorship programmes, including in the context of complementary pathways.
  • Data & evidence. Ensuring monitoring and evaluation frameworks are included in community sponsorship design.
  • Funding. Providing funding at a national and regional level to support Community Sponsorship programmes; and supporting the establishment of the new Global Sponsorship Fund that will pool funds globally to grow community sponsorship programs at a national level.
  • Including refugees. Ensuring grassroots initiatives, including those led by refugees, are fostered and inform policy design and implementation.

For more information please see the community sponsorship pledging framework.


The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative is calling on members of the global community, its partners, states and civil society networks to come together on pledges to increase the number, scale and diversity of community sponsorship programs in different countries.

Community sponsorship programs empower groups of individuals to welcome refugees and others in need of international protection into their communities. Community sponsorship programs operate as a public-private partnership and include a variety of partners, including national governments, local authorities, the UNHCR, and local civil society organisations. This whole-of-society approach to refugee settlement can improve integration outcomes, strengthen local communities, and expand pathways to protection. Community sponsorship has demonstrated value in sustaining resettlement and complementary pathways.

Pledge description

The pledge aims to expand community sponsorship opportunities for refugees worldwide.

This is to be achieved:

  • By growing existing community sponsorship programs by making them more accessible, empowering for refugees and welcoming communities and strengthening their financing;
  • By linking community sponsorship programs to a wider set of pathways to protection, including complementary pathways in education, labour and family;
  • By establishing new community sponsorship programs in countries that do not have one already;
  • By providing peer support, including between members of the GRSI communities of practices (Community Sponsorship States Network, CSO network);
  • By engaging local authorities in community sponsorship programs;
  • By including refugees in the design and creation of community sponsorship programs and enhance their participation;
  • By supporting the establishment of a new Global Sponsorship Fund.


GRSI Partners

  • The Government of Canada
  • The University of Ottawa Refugee Hub
  • The Open Society Foundations
  • The Giustra Foundation
  • The Shapiro Foundation
  • Robert Bosch Stiftung
  • Porticus

Supported by UNHCR.

Contact details

Tapiwa Nkhoma [email protected] | DIP Resettlement and Complementary Pathways Service, UNHCR


GRSI and Sponsorship-adjacent events

  • 12-13 October – Brussels IV: Building Resilient Community Sponsorship Programs in Europe and Beyond, Brussels (in person)
  • 19 October – GRSI Community States Network Meeting (online)
  • 7 – 9 November 2023 – Global CSO, Gathering for Sponsorship, Lisbon (in person)

Contributions towards this multi-stakeholder pledge