Discover the world’s first global collection of refugee-made products

Discover the world’s first global collection of refugee-made products

13 December 2021

MADE51 is a flagship UNHCR initiative designed to drive economic-inclusion of refugees in the artisan sector and showcase the skills and potential of refugees.

In MADE51, UNHCR connects refugee artisan groups with local social enterprises in refugee-hosting countries to make and market unique product lines that utilize the refugees’ skills and cultural heritage. These products are brought together under the MADE51 label and promoted to customers around the world. Private sector partners contribute technical expertise to enable UNHCR to build and scale MADE51.

As part of the in-person component of the HLOM, a large exhibition on MADE51 was planned, which included attendance of MADE51 social enterprise partners and a pop-up shopping opportunity. UNHCR’s goal was to introduce the MADE51 model and collection to HLOM participants, thereby showing a tangible example of how the spirit of the Global Compact on Refugees can be brought to life.


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Now that the HLOM is all-virtual, we'd encourage you to discover MADE51 online, and hope you consider shopping refugee-made products. To promote sales – which has a direct impact on refugee livelihoods – we’re offering HLOM participants 10% off all orders through 20 December 2021.

Visit to explore the collection.