MIRPS Support Platform: 4 highlights from the launch of the Spanish Presidency

Spain launches Presidency of MIRPS Support Platform
Global Compact on Refugees

MIRPS Support Platform: 4 highlights from the launch of the Spanish Presidency

Spain launches Presidency of MIRPS Support Platform

01 July 2020

A child plays outside the UNHCR-supported Hotel San Angel shelter in Tapachula, southern Mexico.

On 29 June 2020, the Government of Spain officially assumed the leadership of the Platform to support the Comprehensive Regional Framework for Protection and Solutions (MIRPS), established in response to forced displacement in and from Central America.  

Supported by the Organization of American States (OAS), UNHCR, and El Salvador (as Pro-tempore President of the MIRPS), the Support Platform exists as a mechanism for greater responsibility sharing, as provided for in the Global Compact on Refugees. It seeks to leverage support from the broadest possible range of states, international financial institutions, the private sector, regional bodies and other stakeholders to offer further protection and solutions to forcibly displaced people in Central America and Mexico. 




VIDEO: Spain takes the leadership of the MIRPS Platform - 14 July 2020

Discover four highlights from the latest high-level meeting on the MIRPS Support Platform:  

1. Spain called for solidarity and commitment with its initial strategy, based on four pillars


“We commit to mobilizing attention to the situation of the countries in the region through our membership of the EU.”  

- Arancha González Laya, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation 

Minister Gonzalez Laya highlighted the importance of expanding the platform's base of support to boost shared responsibility and solidarity, through four strategic pillars: 


  • Give visibility to the crisis and attract new support for the MIRPS.  

  • Step up efforts to ensure greater involvement of development banks, particularly the Inter-American Development Bank.  

  • Facilitate dialogue and cooperation between platform members and MIRPS countries. 

  • Engage the private sector in order to generate jobs and opportunities to foster inclusion and reduce the root causes of forced displacement.   

Watch full statement here >

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2. UNHCR emphasised the need to tackle the root causes of displacement beyond financial support 


“The MIRPS Support Platform can help to realise the commitments made by the host countries to strengthen their asylum systems ... [and] provides a mechanism that can help host countries realise commitments to broaden access to health care and expand social insurance coverage for asylum seekers. 

“I hope, too that it will help galvanize a comprehensive, multi-actor response that tackles the root causes of violence and instability.” 

-  Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

The High Commissioner during the virtual meeting


3. The MIRPS Voluntary Fund is open to receive contributions 

“The MIRPS Voluntary Contributions Fund […] is open to receive contributions from OAS member states; Permanent Observers; the other United Nations Member States; international associations; public, private, national or international entities that wish to contribute to the purpose of the fund, as well as individuals. We hope that this mechanism of collecting and channeling financial resources allows the MIRPS countries to fulfill the commitments acquired in the framework of this process.” 

- Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS 


SG OAS during MIRPS Support platform meeting June 2020.JPG


Watch full statement here >


4. El Salvador urged for protection for the most vulnerable populations


“Together we can change hopelessness into opportunities. As the High Commissioner Filippo Grandi said, every action counts. 

“We cannot continue to tolerate the exodus from our countries... We have to guarantee people's rights, and a decent life for our most vulnerable population. This is a priority issue and that is why we assumed the Pro-tempore presidency of the MIRPS with a strong commitment, as a historical debt that we have with the most vulnerable population.” 

- Alexandra Hill Tinoco, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of El Salvador  


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VIDEO: MIRPS Support Platform to address forced displacement in Central America and Mexico. OAS - 29 June 2020