A step-by-step guide to the dashboard

Search, filter and find pledges and contributions

A step-by-step guide to the dashboard

Search, filter and find pledges and contributions

The dashboard allows you to find detailed information on every pledge made as part of the Global Refugee Forum. It also highlights progress on pledge implementation where such information has been shared by the pledging entity. 

As there are many variables to search and display, this step-by-step guide aims to make it easier for you to navigate the pledges and contributions dashboard. It can help you to find the pledges that your organization would like to learn more about, check the implementation progress, or even help you consider opportunities to match a pledge with a new, additional pledge by your State or organization. 

Search & filter



1 - Type a keyword into the search bar

Type any keyword to search the pledge descriptions. Click the eraser icon next to the search bar to clear your search.

2 - Use the filters to make a targeted search

Choose from a dropdown, or type your query to select a pledging entity, area of focus, the region of the submitting entity, or the receiving region of the pledge.

Discover the results



3 - Read the pledge 

Based on your keyword search or the filters you have selected, the dashboard will automatically update to only display the relevant pledges.

Under 'Pledges and Contribution Name’, you will find the main summary of the pledge. Click the (+) icon on the left to expand the full pledge description.

If you click the text of an individual pledge, the dashboard will update to only show data for the selected pledge. To unselect your choice, simply click the same pledge again.

4 - See & select the types of pledges

Pledges are categorised by different types. For example, a State may have pledged to change legal systems or enact a policy. Others may have pledged to provide material or financial resources. This chart allows you to see what type of pledges have been made and even select a specific type to narrow your search. After selecting, you can unselect your choice by clicking it again. 

5 - See & select areas of focus 

Pledges are also categorised by different  areas of focus, in line with the GCR. This chart shows you the different areas.  It's also clickable to allow you to narrow an ongoing search.

6 - Find pledging entities

Browse the list of pledging entities and see how many pledges they made. Based on your keyword search or the filters you selected,  this list will automatically update to show you the pledging entities of  included in your search results.

7 - View & select a receiving country on this map  

Pledges and contributions were made to many different refugee hosting countries. This map shows you which and allows you to select a country from the map. Based on your keyword search of the filters you have selected,  this map will automatically update. Many pledges have been made towards multiple countries, hence even for individual pledges multiple points may appear on the map. Please note that this information is not available for all pledges, but only when specified by the pledging entity.

8 - Total number of pledges

Some 1,400 pledges were made at the world's first Global Refugee Forum, some by States, businesses, organizations and other entities alone, others jointly by a group of States and stakeholders. Find the total number of pledges based on your keyword search or filters here.

Discover progress on pledge implementation

9 - Check the progress status

Each pledge is the first stage of the implementation process. On this chart, you can view the status of different pledges to check whether they are: in the planning stage, in progress, or fulfilled.

Click on the respective circles to filter down the pledges represented for each stage (for example, click ''in progress" to only show pledges that are marked as "in progress").

If you have selected an individual pledge, below the chart you can read a short narrative update on its progress Please note that this data is only applicable to pledges for which we have received progress updates.  States, businesses, organizations and other pledging entities are encouraged to share regular updates on progress made here


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