Why a community platform for the Global Compact on Refugees?

Why a community platform for the Global Compact on Refugees?

What is the GCR?

''About 60 per cent of the world’s refugees live in around 10 countries, all in the global south. Refugees often live in the poorest parts of these countries. We need greater solidarity with refugees and the generous communities that host them. The Global Compact on Refugees is a roadmap for solutions where refugees have better opportunities and where they live side-by-side with host communities, both learning from each other and thriving together. With this framework, a global community is coming together to help host countries so that refugees can lead more resilient lives, and the communities that welcome them also benefit. This is the purpose of the Compact.'' — Volker Türk, UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, 2015-2019

Working together to support displaced people and the communities that host them

This platform brings together a growing community of States, refugees, NGOs, UN organisations, businesses, faith groups, academics, charities and community groups, all of whom are working together to find practical, long-term solutions that will allow 25.9 million refugees, 41.3 million internally displaced people, 10 million stateless people, and their generous host communities to thrive. 

Sharing experiences and good practices 

A digital platform developed by UNHCR and accessible to all will enable the sharing of good practices, notably from an age, gender, disability, and diversity perspective, in the application of the different elements of the global compact. - Paragraph 106 of the Global Compact on Refugees

The community platform is for all actors who are supporting projects to give refugees more opportunities, and for those who want to get involved. It enables the sharing of good practices so that we learn from each other's projects and enhance our collaboration to implement the Global Compact on Refugees.  

We invite you to share the learnings and experiences from your own global compact inspired programmes, and to connect with other people, organizations and businesses whose projects, big and small, are changing the lives of refugees and their hosts for the better.