Marginalized Communities Advocacy Network

The project in brief

Implemented by

Marginalized Communities Advocates Network (MCAN)




6 months


The project’s main objective is to promote women’s access to business development resources, including access to credit, and knowledge sharing that facilitates business activities. The initiative is proposed to respond to the developmental needs of the women who have been affected by the effects of COVID-19 by:

  • Increasing their financial abilities for the benefit of their households and communities
  • Enhancing women’s management capacity in running businesses
  • Advancing gender equality, equity and women empowerment in socio-economic matters of choice.

Project aims 

The project further seeks to amplify women’s voices in seeking and demanding their rights from those in position of authority and empower them to be able to position themselves in strategic decision making processes that take place at varying levels in social, economic and political issues of the region and country at large.

Resources used 

A policy was put in place to give the beneficiaries access to the project.

Main activities of the Good Practice

Increase the financial abilities of women to enable them:

  • Purchase food for their families
  • Educate their children (girl-child focus)
  • Afford better health, clothing and shelter for their children
  • Reduce poverty and attain improved standards of living

Challenges and how they were overcome


Some challenges are with regards to funding. Sometimes there is a delay in receiving the financial assistance to maintain the project as we await the expert proposal budgeting review.

How they were overcome

Given the time frame required the proposal expert and sort out like that. 

Results of the Good Practice 

  • Increase the financial abilities of women to enable running own business.
  • Reduced poverty and attain improved standards of living for women though business income.
  • Enhanced women’s management and technical abilities in running income generating activities
  • Over 3000 beneficiaries

How the project meets the GCR Objectives

Objective 2: Enhance refugee self-reliance

Through facilitating access to livelihoods, the projects helps reduce poverty and enhance refugee self-reliance.

Next steps 

Further support required for the project to continue or scale up

Further funding to continue the project. 


Submitted by: 

Ibrahim Hassan Mohamed. Executive Director for Marginalized Communities Advocates Network, Somalia

[email protected]