IASFM19: Global Issues, Regional Approaches – contexts, challenges, dialogues and solutions


IASFM19: Global Issues, Regional Approaches – contexts, challenges, dialogues and solutions

12 April 2022
IASFM19 - 2022

A drawing by young Cameroonian artist Mukah Ispahani, one of the winners of UNHCR’s Youth with Refugees Art Contest, illustrates the winning ideas from UNHCR’s 2020 Model UN Refugee Challenge.

Date: 1-5 August 2022

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IASFM19 will feature as its main topic “Global Issues, Regional Approaches – contexts, challenges, dialogues and solutions”, with a view to highlight the current forced migration scenario in Latin America, as well as to allow for the drawing and building of comparisons with other regions and with the global context and of dialogues with potential to improve forced migrants’ protection in general and in particular scenarios. The dialogue between global and regional will, thus, be paramount and is proposed to (i) highlight common grounds and shared challenges in forced migration governance, (ii) allow for debates on global and on regional issues, (iii) contribute to survey strategies best tailored to create or reinforce protection, and, (iv) advance the promotion of best practices that can be translated elsewhere (regional to global or global to regional). The cornerstone of IASFM19 is the improvement of integral protection for forced migrants globally and regionally.

As diversity is key to reinforce effective and productive dialogues, representation and inclusion – in general but also taking into account the historical and power scenarios in Latin America – were taken into consideration in the organization of the keynote speeches. It is relevant to note that (i) there is gender balance between speakers, with a slight majority of women, (ii) there is also a balance between North and South lecturers, but with a predominance of representatives of the latter, (iii) there is representation of racial and ethnic diversity, and (iv) there are over 30% of speakers who have personally experienced forced displacement.

IASFM is a membership-based organization. All participants and speakers at IASFM19 must be members. Membership fees are on a sliding scale and are set as low as possible to facilitate a diversity of participation. If you require a fee subsidy, please apply here.