Inside Out (JR Photo Activation)

A portrait action from JR

As the Global Refugee Forum brought thousands of participants to Geneva, Switzerland, UNHCR called on French artist JR's team to organize an Inside Out action, to bring the forum to the heart of the city and the population. Over 200 portraits of refugee delegates, private sector partners, members of the host community and members of Geneva political authorities were pasted in a show of solidarity. The Mur de la Treille -the city walls on which the portraits were pasted- has protected people forced to flee in Geneva for centuries- the perfect place to showcase the city’s support for the right to seek asylum and to find hope away from home.

Two images side by side - on the left a van painted to look like a camera is parked under two trees. The trees are bare of leaves, but have red lanterns strung between them. On the right, and image showing the portraits being pasted on the city wall - a cherry picker is being used, and two people are standing on the ground - one washing the wall, the other hanging the portraits