University Refugee Forum

A GRF 2023 linked event hosted by Uni4refugees

In parallel of the Global Refugee Forum 2023, Uni4refugees successfully hosted the third edition of the University Refugee Forum. The forum explored the role of academic structures in refugee integration, acknowledging education as a powerful catalyst for change. It served as a key driver, unlocking doors to new opportunities and empowering individuals to realize their full potential. Discussions covered the crucial aspects of resilience and recovery in refugee integration, with consideration given to their impact on the transformation of local communities.

Various speakers from academia, civil society, and politics engaged in discussions and debates at Théâtre les Salons, focusing on the pivotal role of universities in refugee integration. One notable outcome highlighted that universities should not merely educate but also empower their students, particularly refugees. This approach goes beyond imparting knowledge, providing individuals with essential tools for increased independence in their daily lives. Another key insight emphasized the significance of civil society in facilitating the integration of refugees into various administrative procedures, recognizing them as the primary stakeholders affected by such decisions.

A panel at the University Refugee Forum - three people are on a stage, sitting in armchairs around a coffee table, with a screen behind them, one of them is holding a microphone and speaking

University of Geneva offered a tangible illustration of these discussions with InZone, its pioneer programs delivering tertiary education to hundreds of students directly at the heart of refugee’s camps in Kenya, Jordan and Niger. InZone collaborates with many faculties and NGOs through refugee’s led campus. Through InZone, the University of Geneva pledged this year again to offer higher education to more than 800 students stranded in refugees’ camps, including more than one hundred registered to its new Certificates of Open studies in Community Health and in Education in Emergency. Beyond its education programs Inzone pledged also to echo voices of refugees and illustrated it through its new podcast series recorded by refugees in Azraq in partnership with Chahut Media.