Refugee Labour Mobility: Safe journeys to new homes through employment

A GRF 2023 linked event hosted by the Global Task Force on Refugee Labour Mobility

The Global Task Force on Refugee Labour Mobility hosted the ‘Safe journeys to new homes through employment’ reception on 14 December 2023. The event raised the profile of refugee employment and refugee labour mobility by bringing together the work of the Global Task Force with the World Economic Forum’s Refugee Employment Alliance.

Over an evening of conversation and networking, the event brought together senior business leaders, governments, refugees, international organisations and NGOs to highlight the opportunities for international recruitment of refugees from their country of asylum to fill job vacancies in a destination country, taking advantage of safe, legal visa pathways to help refugees find a lasting solution to their displacement. It demonstrated how Refugee Labour Mobility is a win-win-win situation for all involved; refugees, employers and communities.

The event made the connection between labour market needs and the systems in countries of asylum that support migratory movements without putting refugees at risk at the end of their work or study visas. It presented the insights and learnings from the World Economic Forum’s Refugee Employment Alliance. It also highlighted the many pathways that have opened since work on refugee labour mobility started to generate durable solutions since 2016.

In 2024 the work continues with the Global Task Force committed to expanding access to complementary labour pathways, to realise the goal of 200,000 refugees arriving on labour mobility and education pathways in five years’ time. If you would like to hear more about the Global Task Force, or to join its Refugee Labour Mobility Network which aims to grow the ecosystem of actors involved in refugee labour mobility whilst also supporting collaboration, innovation and learning, please contact [email protected].